Hi! I love your work, you're extremely talented. I was wondering if you could maybe check out my new story, "Numb"? I would love to get some feedback, as you do really well. Thank you!


@welovejustindrew hey, your story "baby bieber"'is absolutely amazing, can't wait to keep on reading... Could you please check out my stories and vote I would really appreciate it and I'm going to read your other stories cause your an amazing writer :)


Hi, I'm Bethany and I'm a Romance, Teen Fiction and Fan Fiction writer. I have read some of your work and I must say, I'd love to be able to write like you one day, you have such a talent! Anyway, I came by to ask you if you'd be interested in reading and maybe offer some insight on my work? I'd love to learn from a genius writer like you. ps. I LOVE BABY BIEBER :)


ill have a look at your work i bet its amazing and thankyou ii never thought anyone would like my work

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