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Hi, I really love your ff the cold model I just wanted to know when will the next chapter be uploaded. I'm sorry if it feels like im rushing you it's just I really love it!  uwuwu


Hi I'm just here to say that you write amazing stories! Hopefully they'll get more recognized! ❤️♥️


Hello I just wanted to drop by and say that you're awesome, and I love you! (in a friendly manner) Thank you for everything that you've done! 
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Omg I’m super late but thank you so much! 


I love your story I'm secretly in love with you. It's absolutely amazing! It's so cute and I have no words. Love it!


Hmmm... I think I have problems... CZ I'M IN LOVE WITH UR PROFILE AND BOOKS❤❤❤ I hope u doing well and soon you will update more parts of your every book!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year❄⛄☃


hello yes i would like to say that your stories give me life and death at the same time (especially the Jaebum one).
          thank you.