omg, I just got Disney+!!  i am so hyped!! 


me too! it’s so so good! 


hey angels! 
          sorry for being mia from writing so long, i’ve just been losing inspiration on my published fics but i’ve been working on some new fics in my drafts and am waiting until i finish these and then publishing them so that it reduces the stress on me personally! i’m not sure how long that’ll be, but i’m trying my best! ♡
          the new fics i’m writing in my drafts are:
          as i rise,   the mandalorian 
          nightdreamer,   rogue one au
          silver tongue,   the witcher 
          i’ll update you guys more when i’m closer to finishing them! thank you for your patience, and don’t be alarmed if i temporarily unpublish some of my world to re-evaluate how i can gain my inspiration back! ♡


I’m so excited!! 


new theme! 
          with saoirse ronan as my new icon because she’s a queen and i absolutely loved her as jo march in little women and the character has left such an impression on me! ♡