Justin Bieber (21)  is a new dentist in town because he just moved there and hailey (19) 
          Goes to the dentist because she has been having a tooth ache and she is a little nervous and then she finds out that her dentist retired and she will have the new one which makes her even more nervous but when she sees dr.bieber she has a huge crush on him :) 


          Chrisitan is one of the best known dentista , he is  a bussines man and also really bussy making a clinical trial . But he recives interns of the university to learn dentistry . The day before he recives the interns he mets April in a Bar . They went to april's house and ... They didnt really talk , April is a girl who lives alone . But the next day they both left the house . They didnt know they would work together because April was starting her internship and Christian is her boss ... And thats really unconfortable for april , she wants to stop what they have , she doesnt want to be treated different , but in the way April crushed by a car . And christian really worries . She needed an oral suegery which was performed by Christian ..... ???
          Christian is around 28
          April around 20
          Im not sure if it is good but we thought it with a friend :D