An eighteen year old teenager who loves to discover undiscovered gems  and extra super exxagerating things in life. She loves extraordinary things and adventures. She spends her energy to make and try something new. She is quite perfectionist. She loves to see things in a perfect, beautiful and extravagant manner. She chooses things and people she wanna talk and get close with carefully. She does not want to mess up with people's lives and expects  the people the same too.

And, ps: she gets easily bored and annoyed. Haha! But deep down, all she wants is something genuine, and unique. She hates fake, copycatted, and sometimes reacts against the mainstream. She loves to debate. She is attracted to philosophy, but is grateful to have her perfect sense back after her first class in philosophy shooked her belief. She likes few people, and she finds them all genuine and unique. Although liking only few people, she believes that there is goodness in every man.

She loves twittering:

whenever she have time. :P
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    Mar 29, 2012 04:11PM
walangkwentangWriter walangkwentangWriter May 24, 2014 02:13PM
I have promised to myself, by the end of May tapos ko na lahat ang queue texts in preparation for my hiatus moment. Kailangan ko ng divine intervention para ma-achieve ang scenario na ito.
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