❥ How dare you come into MY house and disrespect MY problematic fave

*mutters defensively under my breath* rUde

❥ VK's the name and writing's the game. I like writing stuff that makes me happy. Sometimes when I'm feeling sick, I write shit that could actually be taken seriously.

• badass women being badass
• fanart for my ships
• hot sauce
• romance novels
• stupid jokes
• music (oldies, RnB, movie soundtracks)
• being outside
• the entire genre of fantasy
• diverse representation
• crack conspiracy theories
• characters who bicker 24/7
• going to the movies
• you

❥ In place of an author you would have a DARK LORD!!! Beautiful and terrible as the morn! Treacherous as the seas! Stronger than the foundations of the Earth! ALL SHALL LOVE VK AND DESPAIR

• Black Tide - #120 in Adventure
• Little Brother - 1st place in the CFYW Contest

And Melkor said unto Sauron, "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself." But lo, Sauron could not, for Melkor was hitting him with his own hands.

• IG: @vkbloodgood
• AO3: @vkbloodgood
• and nothing else
• I don't like the internet that much
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What's up, my dudes! @thefaefolk has created a fun Slack club for all Wattpad writers. It's got places to discuss your book and get help from other authors, chat and make friends, do word sprints/wri...
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Bloody Good Reviews [CLOSED] by vkbloodgood
Bloody Good Reviews [CLOSED] Random
[ CLOSED, I'M TOO BUSY ] Come in for a brutally honest review of your entire book, stay for the weirdly irrelevant gifs. Also, there's some assorted graphics at the back. Even soulless reviewers gotta have fun.
Little Brother  by vkbloodgood
Little Brother Fantasy
Morien, a knight of Camelot, narrowly escapes his own execution at the hands of the wicked King Arthur. With the help of a crazy warrior, a mysterious witch, and a talking head, Morien then embarks on a perilous q...
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