Yo..I am a Slytherin aka Ravenclaw, Daughter of Athena or Pluto, Divergent (dauntless, erudite, abnegation) Tribute from District 12, Shadowhunter aka Vampire,Host of Anubis ,Magician from the House of Life,Einherji,Demigod master of Apollo,Runner of the Maze 😎..to sum it up... I'm pretty dangerous...so stay away from me👹✌

Okay,it's been a long time since I've visited this platform(almost four years) so don't mind the About info up there which my fourteen year old self posted🙄 but I guess those fandoms are still stuck with me and I don't have the heart to remove it... but I'm still a big sucker for books pertaining to fantasy, historical fiction with a hard headed female protagonist and an equally stubborn(but eventually romantic) male protagonist..🤗🤗
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