It's awesome reading a story for free on Wattpad, but if you'd like to get it as an ebook sent to your Kindle or other device then here's your chance! IDEAL HIGH is on sale this month (and next) for 99 cents on Amazon! Tell your friends!!! Also, I'm so excited to announce that it's now an audio book! Find all version here:


I have read the book one time that was about a year and a half ago or something but I still remember the story so clearly that ig feels like i read it just a day ago... I love your book so much and obviously your skills. I am sure to get that book so I can treasure it and read it again and again...thank you so much for such an amazing book. 


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Ideal High is one of my best reads on you have portrayed each character with their flaws as well as qualities is wonderful....loved how it is ray of sunshine representing hope and strength to get over grief and do what seems far fetched but always possible in some way or the other....looking forward to more books from you. :)