my names Aly

i love to write, because i can be whoever i want when i write. i can act however i want. if im pissed at my mom but dont want to get in trouble for talking back(even tho i still do it) then i just have a charactor do it instead. :) im a bitch and i own it. im honest and dont give a shit if you like me or not lol so hi ppl :)
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    ur worst nightmares =)
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viperlover viperlover May 09, 2011 04:27PM
hey everybody!!!! srry i havent uploaded in a whoile.. things have been crazy at home. but i will try and upload tonight. which story???? message back and commetn on the story u want me to upload on...
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bodyguards suck

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Description: sophia has never been safe but she doesn't understand. when a hot new uy appears at her school and her interests spike will he be the one that can tame her or be the end of her?


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this is total CHAOS!!!

this is total CHAOS!!!

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when u need an escape and the only place 2 go is controlled by a hot bitch that no one has ever seen do...

im a vampire-and i love it

im a vampire-and i love it

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alex's life has been disaster, her family is gone and she's always wished for an escape. when there is a...

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