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millie. eighteen. capricorn. intj. writer. new yorker. soon to student at the university of arkansas. wattpad star. wattpad ambassador. wattpad featured story author. watty awards winner. grey's anatomy enthusiast. law and order: special victims unit devotee. criminal minds fan. taylor swift trash.

☆ my favorite guy: @gr_joe
☆ my joint account w @writerbug44: @relentlessdreamer

my social media accounts:
☆ ask: https://ask.fm/MillieMFromWattpad
☆ twitter: https://twitter.com/millie_wattpad
☆ instagram;kik;skype;snapchat: millie_wattpad
☆ tumblrs (i have like six and wattpad doesn't let me link them anymore for whatever reason, so i have listed them all below):
→ ellewooods
→ milliewattpad
→ conscientously
→ meredithgreyaf
→ leaving-californiaaa
→ reigncamepouringdown

ps: sorry, but i do not take any sorts of requests, including, but not limited to reading, follow, cover, and translation. if you do, however, make a request, your message will be deleted. don't take it personally. so, please, just don't even waste your time.

pps: please don't badger me about updating my stories. if i am not actively updating my story, assume there's an issue. usually that issue will be writer's block. that or just a lack of time. i'm a busy person and i can't spend all day. i do the best i can. when a chapter is done, that chapter is posted, i can promise you that.

ppps: i write for a celebrity news website called celebmix so if you're interested in reading any of the articles i post, here's the link to my profile: http://celebmix.com/author/morganmillie/
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