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I hope you all support me with it! I won't have made it this far without my fans/followers. You guys rock! ♥


Hi! My name is Viano and I hate cheese. Except on pizza. Gotta love pizza.

Ever since I could hold a pencil, writing has pretty much taken up 90% of how I occupy my time. The other 10% is taken up by reading. I know right, how on earth do I get anything done?? Magic, I tell ya, pure magic.

All my works are copyrighted and are ONLY on wattpad ON THIS PROFILE; do not copy, steal or reproduce my content. Do not upload any of my works on "goodreads" or similar sites without my express written consent. If you come across my stories anywhere else other than this page, please let me know as this is not me and is an act of plagiarism. Hope you enjoy the fantasies I've decided to share with the world !


All my works on wattpad are UNEDITED FIRST DRAFTS. I just write and upload. If I ever plan on publishing any of the stories on here, they WILL be taken down for some serious editing and re-writing.

P.S. The older my stories get, the more badly written they are. I like to see my progress as a writer over the years, which is the only reason why I've kept these stories up *cough* The Boy Next Door *cough* so please, keep that in mind when reading my older stories, thank you!


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★Thank you all for fanning/following me and for the support!★

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Her username is @Avylinn , without the coma at the end lmao
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Description: A famous poet once said; "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned." That's probably cause hell hasn't met Nathan Grimes. - Copyright © 2016 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.


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Story Reading List

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