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Hey ya I still can't seem to access the second version of your novel. Please help, because I read the first chapter of a post plague kidnapping and love it at first paragraph.
          Sincerely , a random reader.


How do you make the mature version work on the plague novel. I have been trying to do what you wrote but it’s not working. 


I really wanna read Post Plague Kidnapping but i cant figure out how to get the mature version ▶〰◀


Hey I just cannot express how much I love Every Were Gets A Mate and the fact that you are an amazing author! I Really Cannot Wait Until You Update Again!


“Every Ware Gets A Mate” is one of my all time favs and I’m just checking in to make sure everything with you is okay.  hopefully you are doing well and I can’t wait until you update, whenever that shall be.  x aj


Hey just stopping by to say I hope all is well and that I love your story Every Werewolf gets a mate. Looking forward to an update.

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