Me...okay, well, I'm a Wiccan. I can't cook. I LOVE to read; I love history, psych, and english class. Acting is great! I aspire to be a clinical psychologist, not really sure where I'm going to school yet. School is my favorite place to be, for various reasons. I have a particular fondness with stories involving death, crazy people, and/or magic(k) :) I'm not the worlds best writer (not even close!), but I love to do it! If you like what I write, great! If you don't, I don't much care! K? K.
I'm totally open to people talking to me and stuff (don't expect to get pictures, where I live, my phone number, or anything else of that nature. I'm open, I'm not stupid.), so just message me if you would like.
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vampygurl96 vampygurl96 3 years ago
Go read The Diary of Jim! In other news, I'm going to go back this Summer and finish all my open, unfinished, or badly finished stories :) During the school year that's hard for me to do, what with s...
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Description: Just a collection of some of my better poetry. Not much, becouse I am not that good. And lately, havn't been writing poetry much :/


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