Hi, my name is Harley! I'm 17 and I go to school at the local collage for nothing in particular.   I love to dance even though im not very good at it. Im a good singer but i dont like to do it as much as i used to. I knit and crochet and I am also an artist. Sadly i no longer do any of this because my job comes first!.. I work at Great American Cookies. I live with my family in an apartment with my yorkie puppy Cooper. I planned on moving out when i turn 18 but thats hard to do when you dont make a lot of money. to finish off my life is a pretty normal life for a seventeen year old!! :) I do not up load as much as i should so im sorry if you want to read more. Just shoot me a message and ill put up a small chapter. All you have to do is ask.

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vamplover29 vamplover29 Jun 09, 2011 11:26AM
@twilighterjennie25 I don't know I just don't think anyone likes my story. Plus my brother used all my minutes on the Internet. So it might be three more weeks. But I'll try to get it up sooner. 
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