I love to write and when I first made my profile on wattpad I had every intention of continuing to write and publish, unfortunately  life happened and I ended up no longer writing and quite frankly I have lost the passion for it, as well as the creative thoughts. I'm trying to get back on track and try and get the creative juices flowing, or creative pixi dust floating. So...eventually I want to have some more stories on here. Lots of love everyone, 

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vampires98 vampires98 Jan 16, 2015 11:24PM
@sgfraze20 I'm very sorry I will not be writing anymore chapters for a long time.
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Wolf of Legends:Eyes of a freak

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Description: ✋ON HOLD She always new she was different, her family where werewolves for godsake and she was going to be one on her 15 birthday. but thats not what made her different. it was her eyes. they where purple and...


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when Lightning Strikes: England ohh the joy!

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