I love to read,and am always inspired by other peoples stories and charicters.

I only write when im in the right 'mood' and i often start new stories cuz ive got a new idea that just pop at me! I usualy have verry diverce ideas and stories so ill probably end up with a hole bunch of stuff with diffrent ideas and plots.So im sorry if you only like 1 type of story cuz you will find more then 1 type here.

"1 question.1 honest anwser.You can ask me 1 question(IN A PRIVATE MESSAGE)about anything,no matter how crazy,dirty,publicly indecent,embarrassing or wrong it is.No catch,I will answer,but I dare you to post this on your profile"

my favorit colors are

i also have REALY bad spelling...its not my falt! so im sory if you cant always read wat i put :D

my favorit things to do are
*dance (Jaz&tap)
*act (drama)
not always in that order

I have dirty blond hair with a natural 'tinge' of red(watever that means)that is naturaly curly and comes just to the end of my boobs.its not crazy curly but its been called 'ringlets' befor.I donate it to cancer as often as i can.

Remember,when someone annoys you,it takes 42 muscles in your face to frown.But it only takes 4 muscles to extend your arm and bitchslap that motherfucker upside the head!
-best fuckin quote ever
if you havent noteced i have anger management issues


10 FANS (x) 60 FANS (-)
20 FANS (x) 70 FANS (-)
30 FANS (-) 80 FANS (-)
40 FANS (-) 90 FANS (-)
50 FANS (-) 100 FANS (-)

10 (x) 20 (x) 30 (-)
40 (-) 50 (-) 60 (-)
70 (-) 80 (-) 90 (-)
100 (-)


oh and if i dont uplode often its because i do alot of dance and i do have a life soo i get bisy some times
I also have extreamly bad asthma so i end up in the hospital alot (usualy 1 evey 3 months min) that also stops me from uploding
so ya thats prity much it... bye bye :D

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Just some words that describe my feelings

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So. I'm just going to say I really enjoy what you've written so far. And I genuinely think your characters are well written and have dimension to them so far. I just have a small request, that I think will make your work all the better, could you please put a trigger warning before sections that have behavior and actions like what happened in the bit at the end? I only ask this because I was completely blindsided by the content and ended up with some rehashed memories that I would have preferred to stay away.
vampLover commented on Protecting My Omega - Chapter 4

Suddenly, instead of a small puppy in my lap, I had my arms filled with a very naked teenage boy.
I SEE! So when werewolves kiss canines they become mates and when princesses kiss frogs they become princes so what do us regular folks gotta kiss? I am currently available and ready to mingle! lol 
      werewolves + canines = mates
      princesses + frogs = princes also known as mates 
      regular people + ?? = mates
      I would like an answer to this important mathematical equation!

the closer she got to Tamer the more brighter it burned, setting liquid warmth throughout her body.
hellooo! So I would just like to point out that within this chapter after both main characters have entered the rivery body of water there is a small mistake. You write "the closer she got to Tamer the more brighter it burned". More brighter is incorrect. It should be  "the brighter it burned". 
      I don't mean to cause offense or anything! I'm really liking this story so far and I think you should think of getting published.