Hi! I'm Kim Yeongae, but my bishy babe calls me Squishy! Hope you like my stories!


Fun facts:
🖌If I'm on, I'll update often, if not, I'm drowning in homework and club prep.
✒Kpop ruined my life.
✏If you need help with something, whether we've met or not, I'm your gal.
🖋LOZ is life
🖊Sailor Moon, Vampire Knight, Attack on Titan, and Sword Art Online give me joy.
🖌I'm a hopeless romantic. I'm a martial artist. I'm a lover of music and art.
✒I believe in fairies.
✏I believe in magic.
🖋I believe in miracles.
🖊I believe in love.
🖌I bow to God alone.
✒I'd rather die than live without passion.✒

Just plain me:
💕❤Anji is the shiat❤💕
💗BTS Trash💗
❤SugaKookie is the BROTP❤
💗Yoonji Trash💗
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