In San Jose, California, Unal Patel is a San Jose-based software developer. In addition to his job as a software developer, Unal has also been interested in other things. To show you what this means, let's look at him as an example. He is very concerned about the lives of people around him and wants to help them. He also likes to listen to music and spend time with people who enjoy songwriting as much as he does. Here, you can see what else you can find out about this Renaissance man!

a job and its responsibilities

Unal Patel is a senior software engineer at Cisco Systems, Inc., a multinational technology company that is based in San Jose, California. "Unal works from home, but he also lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area." He likes working as a software developer and other high-tech worker in Silicon Valley.

An employee at Cisco called Unal Patel is a rising star. He has worked there for more than a decade and is moving up the ranks. When it comes to awards like Customer Service Excellence and exceeding customer expectations, Unal has been given a lot of praise. As a subject matter expert, he has also been asked to speak at client-facing events.
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  • JoinedDecember 15, 2021