Unal Patel is a proponent of community service. He has worked with local charities, including the Boys and Girls Club of America, for several years. He enjoys working with children and serving as a role model for future generations. While attending college, he also worked as a camp counselor and mentor to teenagers.

He is an OCPJP, or Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmer, and he has won several awards for service excellence and customer satisfaction.

As a Certified Specialist in Java Programming, he possesses the knowledge necessary to develop scalable Java applications. Using Test-Driven Development, he resolves architectural issues and creates robust applications.

He enjoys playing cricket with his friends when he isn't programming or planning his next project. he is a sociable, fun-loving individual who enjoys meeting new individuals through his hobbies. While spending time with his family, he also supports his favorite soccer and football teams.

He also stays abreast of industry developments by reading several blogs and websites geared toward software developers. For instance, he has volunteered his services to a local outreach program by designing and maintaining its website for free. This position allows him to increase his skill set while performing a crucial function for a major non-profit organization.

Patel travels whenever possible to see live music. His preferred genres include rap and jazz, among others. He took piano and guitar lessons in high school and college, and he still occasionally jams with other musicians.
  • San Jose, California
  • JoinedDecember 15, 2021