A *very* long bonus chapter for Lingering Sins is up for reading now! The entire Sanders family can't wait to have you back for this special occasion! Read it here: https://www.wattpad.com/1268512217-lingering-sins-%E2%9C%93-bonus-chapter-miracle-part-1


Hey there! Hope u read this. I've just finished " lingering sins" and it was great. I liked it more than "talking bodies" especially the growth of charachters. But to be honest i was expecting Luna be pregnante and give the news at Arson's birthday.
          I liked it that u wrote about their fears and struggles after what happend to them  and let them to talke it out it was so real. Also there were sometimes i couldn't understand Luna like having sex with vincenzo.
          Any way, good luck , keep up the goid work
          I wanna read one about Rob " Theo's friend" 


A HUGE surprise coming in for the readers of Lingering Sins (and also Talking Bodies) ;) Stay tuned to see your wishes for Arsen and Luna (one in particular) come true!!


@tympanic I have once again descended 


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Hey gurlyyyy, I just read talking bodies, and lemme telll you, this was the only book that I’ve ever read on wattpad that has actually been the best and not some shit plot. Also, As a fellow Muslim I’m double amazed at your talent lol. WE SHOULD TOTALLY BE FRIENDS XX 


After a veryyyyy long time…. Stars Around Our Scars is updated. 


Lovely ✨✨


@tympanic indeed a very long time


@tympanic i woke up to this. thank you heh 


          I'm not writing it to be noticed by you. But I'll be glad if you see this. So last year in August I read TALKING BODIES and believe me I became your fan. Like the way you write. Your story is simple(not at all) like a normal story from enemies to lovers but the way you develop the whole plot from start to end it engage audiences. And this is what I like in your writing method. TB taught me so many things like LOVE. You can't just say that you love someone because if you love them you can sacrifice anything without a second thought(Mia's dad. The letter. I cried). 
          When I finished TB  I really don't want to start LINGERING SINS because you said yourself that you can't say if there will be a happy ending or not. So I couldn't make my mind to read it. But as I tried reading other stories I felt that there is something missing in them. I spent days and ended up by reading LS and believe me Arsen and Luna are just like my comfort couple. They taught me how to be each other's support at worst. 
          Thank you for writing these stories. Thank you for giving us these gems. Thank you for inspiring me to write again. Btw I'm from India too