Well, I am a mother of a beautiful 2 year old girl, who drives me insane but is the love of my life! : ) Books are my ultimate escape and I mostly use wattpad on my phone, when my daughter is sleeping. :) I love dogs and soon one day I would love to have 3- a lab, a basset hound and a beagle. I will name them Pudge Rodriguez, Giampaolo and Giuseppe...

My all time favorite shows are PSYCH, Modern Family and Veronica Mars!

Currently, I am doing many things at once: Mommy duty, writing HYHM, painting a huge canvas for a friend's wall, hand-making everything for a spooktacular halloween carnival birthday party for my daughter's 3rd birthday...all with half the calories that I ought to consume as I am trying to lose some weight too. So do me a favor and vote for my story, please! :D
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tulipgardens tulipgardens May 31, 2013 10:11AM
@fantAsyGuY95 Sorry. I haven't had a chance to write in ages. I just started working again and between work and my daughter, I am exhausted. Will try to upload a chapter this weekend. 
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