hey guess what i'm working on something so stay tuned y'all
          	sorry for being so horrible and inactive. you're amazing for sticking around tbh. 
          	love, and hope y'all are having a great summer,


HEY is there a reason you deleted egg whites and shampoo from ur account? I still have it in my library and just found out it's not on ur acc


I just realised - i read your book string theory so long ago ! And i loved it so so much ! And now im back because i happened to discover 'trivandrum mail' and im surprised im not following u ! Your work looks incredible and i cant wait to get started :) ❤


I am a mallu girl born and bought up in chennai who is taken by your style of writing and because it hits home ,you can imagine my suprise when I saw "trivandrum mail" as one of your works because trivandrum being a very discrete part of kerala that is famous for it kappa beef curry and banana chips like anyother part of kerala is .I can go on writing about how much I like the way you portray india in your work and about the depth of you stories but unfortunately I am a 14 year sitting here on shaky ground becuse both my parents are insomniacs and they like to plan impromptu visits to my room at ungodly hours to "check up on me " and I am typing this at 2 am on a tuesday night ,blah blah blah yada yada yada what I ment to say from this long ass para is that I want to get intouch with you ,is that too weird to ask, and I only have instagram so please if you see this comment can you send me your insta handle ....so yeah thanks for gracing us with your work .
          P.s. I'm not a creep and I hope you reply cus do I need to give you more reasons 
          So lots of kadal 


If you ever decide to delete your account can you please publish camera so I can have a physical copy to read for ever? 


I have read all your books and goddamn, I'm in love  
          Ostrich Feathers especially effed me up
          You are phenomenal 


"String Theory" breaks my heart every time I read it.
          I love your works and I admire you so much as an author :)

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