I'm captain of a rugby team, I love harry potter, I'm a senior in high school and I'm a hunter.
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When All is Lost

When All is Lost

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He was thirteen when his parents died and he was lost. All was lost. And he didn't know how to live his...

The worl is a whole new place.

The worl is a whole new place.

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When we were young kiss we were taught the solar system from the sun to Pluto! We thought earth was the...

The day the lock changed

The day the lock changed

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Need help finding a book

Need help finding a book

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"Avery. You're going to have to let me go soon. The bills will get to big." My mom tried to reason with me.
Life support is when they are brain dead and can't physically breath or live on their own. 
      Kidneys she would die slowly. Even then they would probably be able to take a loan out of the bank because you only need one kidney,(that's true 3/5 of my immediate family have only one because my eldest sister had her kidneys fail so she got one of my dads, and my mom was born with only one functioning kidney) 
      Either way I'm sure you don't mean life support because she talking.