I am the one and only TRACKRUNNER14!!!

I am a talkative, food loving, sports playing, book writing girl
I love to play volleyball and run track, i do many other sports on the side
I love the color green and do NOT like owls... (they are creepy...)
Vans are my favorite shoes and American Eagle is my favorite brand
I love writing stories and talking to wonderful fans!(:
I love hip hop music
I am a christian
and my favorite actors are TAYLOR LAUTNER and MICHAEL TREVINO (they are soooo hot)

Awesome people!

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Beauty Loves the Beast

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Description: James has never really had friends, he never was the social type. Poor James was the type who was consider scary and unsocial because of his big build and his focus on his studies. When he did talk to someone they were afraid that he would end up pu...

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Rapunzel at Heart

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SEQUEL TO LIVING AS CINDERELLA! My name is Rebecca Young, daughter of Trent and Faith Young and curren...

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Our Oath (Coming This Summer!)

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He let go of one of my hands and tilted my chin back. “Let’s make a oath…” “A oath?” I asked curiously...

Living as Cinderella

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Hi my name is Faith Leah Lee I was named that because of my parents endless faith in me. My parents die...

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Our Dancing Devotion

Our Dancing Devotion

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So here is my situation... I have no dance instructor, no dance partner, yet I am registered in a dance...

I love the Cinderella story. But I don't know if you know this but the story is full of À in the middle of sentences and it's hard to read. I don't know if you put them there or not but if you could take them out it would me great ☺️
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Omg urs bio is so cool and I realized we have so much in common. I am a Christian and I love hip hop music. I also loves sports too. Twins!!!!!
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hey I am just reminding you that you have this book called the beauty fell in love with beast and its one of my favorite books and this one person asked you to update and that was last year and you still haven't updated it please try to update