About Taroya about me. I love to read and have been writing as long as i can remember. Poems and short stories but now i think i am ready for the big stuff. I finished my firsrt novel and the first in the series Twisted Alliance. The story is my pen and paper baby. I love it i may be biased but i took the time to write it and have put a lot into it. There may be errors in my writings but dont fret they will be fixed. I hope you take the time and read if not just to sample. Please comment i would love to hear it all good, bad if you like it if you didn't and even what you did and did not like. I would love to know, so i hope you just leave me a little note since you did take the time to read this. 

I have many ideas and am working on as many projects as i can handle. I work in a casino and that is very damn stressful and fun at the same time, Please fan me if you like my stuff. I haven't read anything like it either.

A BIG SHOUT OUT to my homie Sokha Nuon, he does my art work. His website is @ www.hiddenscrolls.com you can see a sample of his art. He is working on the site so keep checking back. Oh and if i can figure out how to upload a picture you might get a chance to see some. Laterz.

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Bane Academy has been accepted by a publishing company. In a short time it will be available. I'm so excited for this new part in my life. I hope you are too. Now if you haven't read it, it's okay. The ending changed. I added an epilogue. More active characters are involved. I added more of characters that play bigger roles in two. It was a change that was always going to happen. Thanks again for reading. 
      T. S. Thornton 
      P. S. I hope you are excited. When it's out I'll be back to let you know.
Hello all, I know your may not be completely happy with me. I just had to remove BA from the internet. Why do you ask? I am talking to a agency about the book. Now don't get too excited yet. I really don't know what would happen but if i hadn't published myself I probably wouldn't be here. Now It broke a part of me just now to do it. I love you all for reading and dealing with me over this time. Book one will of course have a rewrite and the ending will change, i wont stray to much from the  ideal. I would like to thicken it up make up a little more unpredictable. I hope you all understand. The reads where overwhelming to see. I am so happy that i was able to take you to a place i love. Now the plan is still for five books. I don't know about novellas. I get too carried away. lol but for now i say later on. I have lots of work to do. I am freaking out in so many ways. I don't want this to be the end. I will be back every now and then. I hope today is blessed for you as the next. Or that the day leads you to what your heart desires. 
      TS Thornton
I am sorry to say I will be removing BA/BA2 I have done a search recently and have found two book with BA in its title or its simply called that. I will be changing the name as well as a few things in the book since it has been here tooooo long. I want to publish and will keep you updated on that. Book two is half way done. Yes that sound like nothing since you have saw some of 2 but I have removed most of what you have read and added things that will connect books 2345 plus the few novella I want to do. I hope you all follow me on my journey to publish. I cant keep posting on here so it will all be gone or a sample maybe left. I cant have my work taken or whatever these kids do on this site. I work too hard for this. So long ill be back though.