I love to read, and write, I scrapbook, I love cats - not really any other kind of pet, though my kidlets had everything you can think of as they grew up, from ferrets to walking sticks! I'd have a snake if my darling would still live with me after I bought one! hehe
I am very curious and creative, I am still very young in my 50's, I enjoy happy people, I hate gossip, I don't care much for lima beans either ;D
I've been writing since I was 7 and my teacher told me it was excellent and had it published in our school paper.
From there I went on to publish dozens more things and help with the school newspapers, as well as take journalism and creative writing courses throughout high school and college.
I am very very happy when I am writing. I can create any kind of world, or situation, I can solve any problem, or leave it to fester if it better suits the story; I am in total control when I am writing and since none of us has that kind of control in life, it's a nice sanctuary :D

I was totally delighted to find this site, where I can share short stories and read to my heart's content on my tablet, or even my phone, while in bed even :D
I could recommend at least a dozen good authors here of premier quality, if any needs a recommend!
That's about it for me. Happy reading and writing, everyone!!
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