@Slave_to_Darkness I have started on the next part, and thank you!


I was hoping to read rains story but I don't see that happen. I just finished the first one. 
          I hope down the line you do and I find it on here 


Are you still writing Rains Love? If so, I cant wait for the update. It says its been over 2yrs but still hoping...


Hyeee....u r really a amazing writer...I read your book...its amazing..and tooo emotional...i cried also...after reading that....i really wana thank u from the bottom of my heart to give such a beaitiful writing for us readers...but plzzzzzzzzz....try to update that book Rain's Love....it feels awesome...by the way u have written its first part....Thank u .....
          plzzzzzz try to update ..


Hey there, I've read your completes book and woww what twist at the ending! But I love it. Keep up the good work!


Hello I've completed reading your book and was wondering when the next update for rains love will be? :)

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