-Maj (just uh Maj...) 
Was Fivesummerection9
Three words to describe me hyperactive, sarcastic and wild.
I'm 16, l live for all my fandoms! 1D and 5sos, even tho Z went the wrong direction...sad times.
The 'true directioner', I haven't even met them...

I kinda grew up loving Dani Cimorelli for always being herself, no matter what. I'm like her. Vice versa. Wait...Eh right, I can't be like her.

I'm depressed that Teen Wolf is over, I no longer have anything to look forward to. Jeff broke my Teen Wolf heart. I just wish it was a prank and in 2019, we find out there's gonna be 24 more seasons and 300 episodes at least.
I still have The Originals, Riverdale and Stranger Things (list goes on). Steve Harrington is my biological mum, tbh.
I swear if there was TW 2, I would want to be Thiam's child/blue eyed omega runt in the McCall pack (in my dreams)!!

Thiam af (Layden=friends), loved Briam while it lasted, Sciles brotp (my Skittles), Sterek stan, I do love Stydia (as friends), Scisaac head cannon, Steo otp (oh the pain), Miam friendly crack shipper, Allydia (Never cried that bad), Malydia and Morey tho, Kira...uh
Larry loser, Zialler, Lashton joker, Mallumese

My Taekook, Vkook always
THEY ARE REALLL!!! I don't need proof or analysis, I know a true ship when I see a worthy loving pair.
Yoomin too...
Namjin too...
Sorry J-hope, my sunshine (I'll find someone for you)
Please don't ask me, who my bias is...*sighs* unless, you want to wait years, while I figure it out.

>Markjin (trust me, too cute)
>Yugbam (purest/dorkiest)
Sorry Jack...

Bts and Got7 friendship hands down are the best: MarkV, JackRm, Jiminbum and Yugkook, Bambam with everyone hehe!!

I ship too many boats, they won't turn out to be 'sinkable', I doubt it, they are my ships, after all. For a matter of fact, I ship flipping cruises.

I'm open to any request of my TW, Bts or Got7 ship books, they are literally all I read.

So AnyTEE Gotta Z!!
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