A Beer-bellied commoner, a deviant human specie, a moronic romantic, a smoke belching dreamer, a wild lone wolf at heart.

I'm crazy for GRRM. Yes that evil Santa Clause look alike, I love him.
For those who don't know GRRM, it stands for George R.R. Martin.
The devil who recorded the history of A song of Ice and Fire.
Yes a History, its way to vivid and exciting and amazing to be just a fiction.
I think its actually a written history of another world and GRRM is from there.
Yup he's an alien.
RT + LS = JS

Well what got me into fiction?
I stumbled upon a few magical books and it showed me a magical world where unicorn blood can make you immortal and maybe Vampire Lestat drank from there.
Yes I read HP when I was like 7 and got addicted to Anne Rice from age 12.

if you don't know her yet. Don't GOOGLE! Keep away!
She's also crazy.

If you read my works and find me ODDLY WEIRDLY DIFFERENT.
That's because I think I'm an alien too.
Or I wish I was.

I also think my days are counted because I'm of House Stark.
RT + LS = JS .....always. >.<
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theyellowheart theyellowheart Jan 09, 2013 09:38AM
@ProfessorSun just love? <3 hahahahLoL
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