Hello Literature Lovers of all ages!
I am here as a fan of the written art.I love reading all sorts of genres.
My Favourite Authors are:
- Terry Goodkind - (Sword of Truth Series); George R R Martin (song of ice & fire series); Melanie Rawn (Dragon Prince & Dragon Star trilogy); Millie Criswell; Even some YA Books from:
- Richelle Mead (Vampire Academy Series); J.K. Rowling (Harry Potter Saga); and Urban Fantasy books from: - Richelle Mead(Georgina Kincaid Series & Dark Swan Series), and more to list!
I am still trying to look for my calling in the literary sense.
I have a few up my sleeves when it comes to a story but haven't got the courage to put my thoughts in paper...well, some of them anyway. Oh, I also have this vow that once I START a story, I FINISH it! Some of them take time but others are done in a short time.
Favourite TV shows are :
- Spartacus; Grey's Anatomy; True Blood; Bones; Once Upon a Time; Gossip Girl and more!

Restricted Version of Chapter 11 HWM?

IF YOU WANT ME TO READ YOUR STORIES /POEMS please leave me a PM. Your message will be deleted/ignored if you leave me a message on my MESSAGE BOARD asking me to read your stories/poems. Thanks!

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First Story Ebook Published on: 11.11.11 :D Title: I Knew I Loved You...Did You?

Something to ponder on for those who are unsure if writing is for you:
"Some are readers and some are writers... I am always going to be a reader but I also strive to be a writer"
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thetis27 thetis27 Oct 10, 2012 10:01PM
            Wow, it's been a while since I have been here. Yes, I am still alive and I plan on posting new chapters on my ongoing stories soon-ish! 
            First things first, just to clarify, HAVE WE MET is...
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