Hi everyone I'm from England and currently doing a university course in photography, i like drawing my own manga and writing my own stories. i hope that one day i could become famous childrens author and out do J.K Rolling and have my own animation studio to make my own movies.
I read Manga and listen to heavy metal and watch disney (even though i'm twenty) and watch plently of anime.
I'm desylexic but it shouldnt stop me from doing something i love to do.
I hope to make people happy from the stories I tell.
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The Ugly Prince

Social data: 61.4K reads. 1.4K votes. 174 comments.

Description: A Prince hidden from the world within his own home, his father the King resented him since he was born, telling him that he was too ugly to be seen. His mother the Queen was the only person he could talk to, w...


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