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Picture This (Niall Horan Trilogy)

Social data: 13.9M reads. 88.6K votes. 16.8K comments.

Description: [ (BK 1) -COMPLETED -BK 3 IN PROGRESS- (CURRENTLY EDITING) ] Ashley Dawson has spent her life living in the shadow of her pop-star sister Ellie Dawson. Life’s dull, it’s boring and Ashley’s beginning to tire of the same old routine. She’s bored of a...


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Capture My Heart (BK3: Niall Horan)

Capture My Heart (BK3: Niall Horan)

1.9M 15.5K 3.7K

{BOOK THREE TO PICTURE THIS & SECOND SNAPSHOT} 'Capture my heart in a vintage photo frame. Frame it i...

The Songbird [Harry Styles]

The Songbird [Harry Styles]

71.1K 1K 269

“You’re making a huge mistake,” I whispered, my words cracked, crumbling at the seams like I was inside...

Second Snapshot (Picture This Sequel: Niall Horan)

Second Snapshot (Picture This Sequel: Niall Horan)

4.8M 34.6K 8.4K

-COMPLETED -BK 3 IN PROGRESS- Business. It's all about business now. Nobody should give a single damn ab...

thesamemistakes' Writing Tips. (To be continued)

thesamemistakes' Writing Tips. (To be continued)

20.3K 560 240

Some tips I put together that are not yet completed. They are no way writing law or anything, but they'r...

jazyspaz posted a message to thesamemistakes
I love your stories they leave me thinking about all the possibilities of what could happen next please update soon! Your an amazayn author! Sorry I had to do thato.0
onedeez posted a message to thesamemistakes
ive read picture this trilogy last summer (i mean like, the WHOLE summer all i did is read), and was now reading it again. I couldn't avoid the rly good feeling about rereading it bc it matches rly into a summer and damn 13M???? congratulations! this book had me wrapped around ur finger
I know you've received so many messages saying the same thing and in sorry to say it again but could you possibly consider finishing the third book? it's a really good triology! honestly love it but I don't want to finish it because there's no secure ending. I could always finish it and make up am ending but it wouldn't be the same because it's not what you had in mind. I know you were having a hard time finishing it and getting ideas as how to finish it but I hope you're able to finish it soon and not leave us without the ending you wanted. thank you for the other two books they were amazing!  keep writing, you're doing a great job! 
hey....could u made atleast a epilogue to complete the story name ( niall horan theology ) ending was soo bad plz make I good ending it really made me sad bcs of bad ending plz made up a good ending writing a epilogue or sequel 
hey i was about to read your book but i wanted to look in to it more. I see that you haven't finished book 3 in over a year. That's understandable, im not a writer but maybe you're having trouble on where you want the book to go. You have a lot of fans that love your work. I think they deserve an ending. Maybe get someone to help you finish the book. I want to see how this book ends. :)