Hello people.
          	I hope you all are doing good. I'm sorry for not updating. I really am. I was busy with my sister's engagement and now my uncle has passed away. I'll be travelling so it will take some more time.
          	Please pray for his Maghfirah.


I swear I love how you write nd I wish could write too but it's just not in me. After reading Ijlaal I couldn't stop appreciating your work. Definitely my fav writer❤❤❤


Hello dear!!
          Thank you so much for requesting me to read your story.. I am spell bound after reading it.. I humbly request you to read my story ' A shady plot' and ' Shivers'.. I hope you like it and support me at the beginning of my journey as a writer..
          Signing off!!
          With lotxxzz of khidthod love,
          Anika :) *logic sign*


Helo!! I will surely read them. Thank you for the suggestions. ❤


Hii,sorry to disturb you. Hope you can follow me permanently and check my works. It will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Lovelots <3