NEW CHAPTER OF The Hunter's Mate!!! Here's the link of Chapter 53:
          	Also, there's actually a scene that was cut out and can be accessed through the app Tapas, episode 76 ;) don't worry, not a major thing but you know... for curious readers out there and who wants to continue supporting this lil ol' gal  <3 xD


          	  hey yo wen u goinna update cant wait


@thepsycho_nextdoor  plsssssssssssssss UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3<3<3


Hi? Is the Hunter's Mate is already published I wish I can buy your books co'z im still waiting for update


@McMaen it is not also complete on that site, i just found out. :( 


@McMaen i visited her/his profile and found out that he/she has another site where the story was complete. BUT... we need to spend 9$ to fully read all the 73 episodes of Hunter's Mate. 


Will you ever update/complete Hunters Mate? I kinda check like everyday and might die soon if my cliffhangeritis is not cured. Please come back!!! 


Hey, been a long time. Came to see if The Hunter's Mate book was updated but sadly, it hasn't. I really love the book, and I want to see it end in a good note. Care to drop us a msg as to why the book has been seemingly put on-hold? :)


Geez author... you're still alive? Kindly update "the Hunter's mate" because i'm freaking waiting for almost 7 years for it, or I'll seriously sweep the whole Philippines just to fudging find you. I'm starting having bad daydreams about Diana and Xavier's dead end. Have pity you lunatic young woman.
          A highly concerned fan
          P.S.  Hurry up, damn it.
          P.P.S.   i loooove your books, but i love you more *winks*


Hello, am so in love with your book the hunter mate pliz can you complete it, ope u are okay