You may be here because of my comments. Sorry in advance, some are fReAkY

My username is that because & I quote ;I'm the only one of me! End quote; -Taylor Swift

Artists on repeat currently:
Taylor Swift
Lana Del Ray
Dean Martin
Conan Gray
Olivia Rodrigo
One Direction and Solo Careers
Beach Boys
Billie Eilish
Dua Lipa
Tom Holland's Billy Elliot
Lady Gaga

I like reading romance stories because it reminds me of what I don't have. Being a victim of wishful thinking is TERRIBLE.

Sorry that I have so many reading lists but it keeps everything organized for me at least. Feel free to look at them! Idk

Celebrity Crushes:
I love Tom Holland, Jordan Fisher, Tenzing Norgay Tranior, Noah Schnapp, the Baby Mooch, and a lot of 80-90s male actors who are now much much older than me as well as the fish from "Finding Nemo"😞

Obsessed with Marvel, Amen. MLB❤️

I tend to fall in love with fictional characters: Sammy, Caleb H., Reese, Ethan, etc...✌️😖

I hope that's not too much information because I don't want someone to use that to try to find and stalk me.

Oh well! Too late. Not really I can always change it soooooo whatever-
  • Somewhere I Don’t Want To Be -Sam Cahill
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