Rainbows and chocolate rivers. Candyfloss clouds and cupcake hills. I don't even know. Maybe that's why I'm called the weirdo?
i'M pRoUd

Hey so it's me the weirdo and this is me:

>>I'm literally a foodie since day one and a complete whacko.

>>currently writing a book which I will continue to publish as soon as possible:)

>>I like Kpop and I stan a hella lot of underrated groups it's actually mad

>>March baby<3 (31st)

>>I specialise in art...? Idk

>> I have the most amazing things to say but I get told whatever comes out of my mouth is rubbish

>> I like saying smud-ged because it's basically smudged but pronouncing every single letter. This is what you call my humour

But basically I'm here to be known as a good writer since I always have too many ideas and no body listens to me because I talk to much. Eh
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