During his time at St. Louis Skin Solutions, Theodore Kapanjie, DO has utilized his aesthetic medicine skills to help patients look and feel their best. When consumers leave St. Louis Skin Solutions, they feel more confident and have a higher feeling of self-esteem. Additionally, Theodore Kapanjie, DO has aided St. Louis Skin Solutions in remaining current with the latest research in the field, ensuring that they are continuously working for the best interests of their patients. The positive feedback St. Louis Skin Solutions receives reflects this commitment to always putting the patient's needs first. Despite his successful career at St. Louis Skin Solutions, Theodore Kapanjie, DO is first and foremost a family medicine physician. After finishing his residency in 2000, he passed his board exams and became a board-certified family medicine physician. His training enables him to treat individuals with a wide variety of medical conditions. He uses preventative therapy to treat patients of all ages, from babies and toddlers through teenagers, adults, and the elderly. He may also be able to help people from all walks of life with a variety of medical difficulties. He also has the knowledge and experience to help with acute care issues. This might involve, among other things, rotator cuff issues, hip problems, and knee pain. Ailments that fall within this group include rashes, infections, and chronic medical conditions. Because of his breadth and depth of medical knowledge, Dr. Ted Kapanjie stands out among his colleagues.
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