-I'm Theoddoneoverthere
-I like to write an such
- I have an obsession with many things that may include the following: Super Heroes (who wouldn't?), (And yes that means me being a total Avengers fan), photography, artsy stuff, and well a lot of other things that I wouldn't want to bore you with.
-I like a little bit of Science Fiction, Adventure, Action, Fantasy, and some other genres. (Please note that I don't like the creepy type of Science Fiction) Don't send me to a person's story and be all like there's nothing creepy in it, but there is and it will defiantly freak me out. I don't like horror. So just don't, son. (Avengers quote, hahaha)
Sorry rambling much?
- I'm kind of a mind wondering writer and just write when I want to (don't get mad at me)
So yeah have a nice day

I am seriously trying to finish stories and edit everything. I am soooo terribly sorry for all this on hold thing going on here, but its just going to have to continue for a bit longer.
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Dari Cross (On Hold)

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Description: Dari Cross is a typical seventeen year-old girl except that she is one of the Eight. The Eight are a group of genectically enhanced human beings, created by the N.O.V.A. institution. What for excatly? Dari doesn't have the slightest clue, other th...

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