Hi guys. I know it has been awhile since I have written or done anything to show  'hey I am still alive' 
          	It probably is obvious that I am no longer active and I just wanted to formally announce this. My stories will still be up, but I no longer will respond to anymore messages or publish anything new.
          	Thank you to those who like my work.


@thelobsterlord hi i hope your doing well,it has been 5 years..


@thelobsterlord bro  your stories were one of the many yandere books I read back when I first found out about yanderes (2016-2017) and will alway remain dear in my heart. Thank you for creating these books and being one of the first few authors to fuel my addiction lmao. I loved your books then and still love them now. I still read yandere fanfics but mostly on quotev, though i come back to wattpad every now and then for your stories...again, thank you for being iconic and being creating your stories, stay safe !!


I still remember your books, and I will always continue to re-read them. Thank you for your time here