Hello. So if you don't already know... I LIKE CHEESE!!!! MMMMMmmmmmm....
So anyway, I was just looking for something to do, researching 'what do you do when you're bored?' and about 2 hours and five cheese strings later I found Wattpad! Whoop! Oh, this is an about me...

-I like reading (cheese recipes, no JK)
-I like writing (so far have only done it for school warning mine will contain cheeses)
-I like cheese
-I am a human being
-I am a Jesus Freak (and I ain't afraid to show it, show it, show it!)
-I am (I think?)
-I LOOOVVE cats.
-I get bored (because video games bore me... Is that a good thing?)
-I like art (any kind, from music to dance to acting to visual arts :)
-People say I'm funny.
-I babysit AND work at a kennel (neither full time, not very good jobs either) So that's why I won't be on all the time... :( Yet I have time to get bored...
-Cyber-bullying sucks!
-read the third one again
-read the before last one again.

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@Coyote13  OH.MY.CHEESE.
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