Welcome to the land of fuckery, memes, and that one anime no one knows or cares about. Im Geeky. 

Im 13 years old, a proud bisexual (rainbows for the win!), with a lovely waifu of my own! (@Mono_Behind_The_Mask). Im a female, blonde, however my fursona is a sonic style magenta fox with a blue dress designed with red dashes across the side.

My SqUAd;
@fnafcutie616 (internet sister) @Mono_Behind_The_Mask (lover!~)
@AbbeyFazbear (Teddy Bear Girl!)
@The_Dorito_Queen (Cipher's biatch-)
@sweetheart6781 (Her username doesn't lie!)
@TofaaTea (Aspiring Artist!)
@Https_Puns (my #1 fan...Im not joking-)
@milkymouse10 (my trans biatch-)
@thebritishsquid (I like to call her mY sAtAn-)

"Im too gay for this planet" (trademarked)

For you weaboos or otakus who stumbled upon here, I only watch one anime. Soul Eater. No, I have not watched Naruto, Fairy Tail, or Death Note.

I take art requests right now but the stories are only my free will.

Dont be shy to talk, Im only half a jackass!

Here's my Fanbases ⬇

•Five Nights at Freddy's
•Sonic The Hedgehog
•Super Mario Brothers
•Codename: Kids Next Door
•Courage The Cowardly Dog
•Ed, Edd, n Eddy
•Rockafire Explosion
°Pizza Time Theatre
°Chuck E Cheese
°Soul Eater

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Happy New Years Eve to my Geeklings and Despacitles! I have some kind of art ready but I'll wait until roughly 1AM to post that. I have no resolutions because I never actually meet them. So, I hope y...
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