Hiya! Name's Kat, as most of my followers know, I'm an extremely none existent updater. The cause, there is none. I usually have no will to write the storie's on here, but when i do, i shall write it. I'm starting a line of new stories, mostly fan-fiction, and an original story, that's saved on my computer. I might post it, when i stop crying over it.

When it Rains, and Unbreakable are my babies. Say it with me, 'Are Kat's babies' Those babies have yet to be able to walk on their own, but when they do i'll let you know.

Arranged Marriage, title has been changed to Unbreakable, and is under a rewrite, Basically the same plot, few changes here and there. Better spelling, grammar, well hopefully. I'll slowly begin posting fresh chapters under the title Unbreakable, the orginal shall still be up, for those who still follow it.

As for the chapter 'Giant Purple Eating Unicorn!' it is a legit chapter in the story, just should have been posted earlier in the story. I love that chapter. Also saved by a vampire is on a hiatus. I haven't had inspiration for that one in like forever. It's still locked away in a drawer screaming.

I plan to be more active on here, but as anyone who know's me knows. What i plan and do are totally different things. My life is being lived by a nerd known as me. I spend my time on fandoms, music, reading, and well schoolwork. Anyway my lovely followers, I'm outta here, Later!
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Harvest Moon (A Twilight Story) Fanfiction
A twilight fan fiction, takes place three years after Breaking Dawn. Its been three years since the Volturi showed up in forks. So what happens once they left? And who are these three girls that show up in Forks...
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