Im pretty much a wattpad therapist / relationship help / advice giver so if you have any problems or need advice on any thing at all dont hesitate to ask and i will try my best to reply as soon as possible or if you want a quick reply just pm me your number and name and ill be sure to help fix any problem you may have or give you advice 


~@Babylovegirl the awesome person who knows whats best for me
~@ZackyZombie my friend/ band mate
~@Just_A_No_One my emo other little sister
~@clarinetplayersuzie my spaztic little squirrel friend

If you love two people at once go with the second person because if you truly loved the first you never would have fallen for the second
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some of my favorite song lyrics

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Description: these are some of my favorite songs


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Help (my emotional journal)

Help (my emotional journal)

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I'm writing this just trying to get some peace by getting all of this off my chest

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