@AzuricalArtist I just posted part one :3


Hey, so someone on this Jelsa discord server I'm in recently asked me how I got into writing (jelsa and otherwise) and I remembered that it was thanks to you I got Wattpad-- and then started writing. I spent like ,,,, four weeks trying to find you (I checked my following list like, fifteen times, searched hundreds of variations of usernames and stuff) just to see if your things still existed 
          Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you, cause I kinda owe the biggest passions in my life and some of my greatest friendships to you and your Instagram comic. So . . . thank you ❤


@fanfics_she_wrote aww that's so sweet! I'm really happy that I was able to inspire you to become an author! Also, I had no idea there was a jelsa discord  can you send me the link please? ❤️


Omg super fruit is bae
          I'm like that one girl who sits and listens to pentatonix for HOURS
          Btw I like your profile pic!
          Your stories look pretty awesome too! keep up the good work!
          XOXO Sammi
          Ps sorry if I'm creeping you out but you are part of the superfruit fam I'm assuming so yeah I'm awkward baii Felicia