Okay so everyone is begging me to update the next chapter. This next chapter is frickin emotional you guys, and in order to really bring out every emotion being played in the chapter, it's going to take some time to edit. I'm almost done with it, I'm planning to update either Saturday or Sunday so keep your eyes open at that time, until then, have fun being bored and hanging in suspense! Muahahahaha


Hello...I just some time ago finished your book Mr. Blue Eyes...That was just amazing, I'm getting a really good vibe, this book taught me many new things as well, it was really fun to read it. It ended very well as well, thank you so much for the book. It made me feel so many emotions at the same time and addition to that I used my brain accurately that I felt a feeling of achieving something great, or getting a sense of detective vibe. Felt it after so long, it was fun plus helpful as well all I can say. ❤


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are u re writing this book? cuz i read it already like 1 year before and it was complete but right now it says its ongoing im hella confused


Hey, umm.. I read Blue Eyes and I love it, it's awesome.. I know you said in one of the chapters that you don't want to make a sequel for the same characters, but I was wondering if you can make a bonus chapter about Adelram and Kamaria's life? 


Need a second book or sequel 


Hey I hope you make a sequel to blue eyes 


Hey have you heard of a story called green eyes


Hai ik ir prob not gonna see this but I just have to say that blue eyes is my fab book ever and that was all bc of u. Thank u for actually completing the book bc u r generally a good writer and you have a talent (never let it go to waste!) Baiiii