Oh my, what is the news?

Um... my username is inspired by a dead meme by the way. I think that's pretty representative of my entire... life. I'm just going to be writing whatever the fuck I want. Feel free to request anything, from any fandom or with original characters. My writing is mostly going to be over the top angsty fanfictions that unintentionally romanize mental illness, so... look forward to that I guess?


-Zayn (I don't even like his music much, I just stan him in an ultra creepy way)
-Jacksepticeye (don't watch him much anymore but he's cool)
-Mic the Vegan (I don't think anyone's written a fanfic about him, so I want to be the first)

(Wow I really overused parentheses my god)

23/3/18 - Will be republishing Phan Oneshots by Wednesday.
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lol is everyone boycotting Wattpad? My notifs used to be oppin', but now they're dead.
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