hi im Lily or Lucas, I go by either one

Taken!! <lol who else would wanna date me>

Has: severe depression, bad anxiety, and a sliver of anorexia

Birthday: July 30th, 2007

Pronouns: He, She, It

Zodiac: LEO ♌️

The Outsiders is an amazing book and y'all should go either watch the movie or read the book because you need to at least once

My Chemical Romance
Fall Out Boy
Panic! At The Disco
Twenty Øne Piløts
System Of A Down
Green Day
Beach Bunny
Oliver Tree
Billie Eilish
And anything similar

i am a bookworm

i dress dark af

My killjoy name is Lunar Galaxy

im a big Nintendo fan, and grew up with main series Mario, and Mario Kart

i speak both Spanish and English, but i learned Spanish first. yes, im as you expected. im a smol mexican child. MEXICANS REPRESENT!!

Name: Lucy Randel
Sibling: Steve Randel
Parents: Ace Randel ((mom)) (((aka @tigerlily72)))
Age: 14
Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Ponyboy Curtis
Job: Part-Time Mechanic At DX With Steve And Soda
Hobbies: motorbiking, ATV racing, races in general, drawing, and gardening


Internet Family:
@tigerlily72 <mom>
@Jamie21315 <older sis? younger? idk>
@indieponyy <my daughter>
@-hail_of_bullets- <vamp cousin>
@-Mikey-Way- <other vamp cousin>
@xfluffyuni <lil bit or sumthing>
@1DLiloLover <lil sis>

"They'll bust your kneecaps!"
"We gotta do it for Johnny."
"I'm never nice~"
"I'm just a little spooked, that's all."
"Dont get wise. I don't like little kids, I don't like 'em, I just-"
"I wish I had me a weed."
"You gotta cancer stick, Johnnycake?"
"Stay Gold."
  • Watching The Outsiders over and over while drinking Pepsi and smoking cigarettes
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