Hi Tim,
          I was recently contacted about doing an interview by @Wattpad_Research and I was interested, however there aren't any time slots available. I was instructed to reach out to you about scheduling issues, so I was wondering if you would be able to help me. 
          Thank you in advance


Just wondering, Tim. But do you even read all these suggestions people offer or do you ignore them? 


I'm a tad confused. A few days ago I filled out the survey for the wattpad research's interview, and they got back to me saying that I had to fill in a time slot for said interview. Even though they said they'd contact me during the interview time (Thursday, 10:30 - 11:30) I never got a follow up message. Is it rescheduled or something?


Not to bother, 
          but why do fanfics close where yaoi / yuri is? Does that sort of thing bother you? Are they homophobic? What's the excuse


Why hello there, Timothy. I actually have no idea who you are but you seem important so hiii


Hello Tim, 
          I was recently contacted by Wattpad Research with an offer to speak to a Wattpad representative for an hour sometime next week. When I went to schedule the time, however, I found that neither the two available slots will work for me. The message said to come to you for scheduling issues. Is there a time in the late afternoon or on a weekend that would work? 
          Thank you for your time,


Sure thing!


@BrightnessWings19 Hi there, yes there is. Can you follow up with me via PM?


P.S. My time zone is Mountain Daylight Time (starting this Sunday).


hi ^.^ So, I just received a text from Wattpad Research, saying that I can help them with suggestion to develope wattpad. I filled up the form, bt I want to change the time I mentioned there. Is there any way to edit informations? I've an exam that that day on 9th March, so it's really important to edit the time into a convenient one. Plz response (: