Destined to be one updated.


Hey I read destiny book of yours which was amazing 
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Hi, pls pls pls try and update and complete Destined to be one. I just love the story and the characters. U truly are an excellent writer. The last chapter is at such a high point, pls give us all some closure ☺️ and finish this book. It’s got me on tenterhooks and I’m really scared now, because I saw it was started in 2015!!! And I’m hoping you will oblige all of ur fans and update the chapters and close the story. Pls pls plsssss 


Hii, I just read your story Destined to be one and I got to tell you that it's really an amazing story, from the plot to the description of the chapter to the storyline, it's all fabulous I just love it. I just wamted to ask you to update it soon as I can't wait to read the next chapter.