how many of yall would like me to post an original story? pls i need feedback bc i dont wanna post it and like *no one* reads it 
          	thanks!!! love yall


Ooof omg yes!!


omg i’m crying y’all are so sweet 


sign me up


You deserve so many more followers, it's been awhile since I have come across books like yours. Also I hope you are doing ok!


Hi, it's been so long since I last read your books (they're amazing btw) because I , being the idiot i am, removed your book from my library instead of unarchiving AND didn't follow your profile.  But the kingdom is still on hold. Will you be updating it?
          It's been two years so pleaseeeeee!!!!!


okay sooooo i think paint will be wrapped up pretty soon. will it be happy? will it be sad? who knows???
          i will most likely be updating stories every week yayyy!!!


oof hey lovies! im gonna try to stay back this time! 
          truth be told, im not super duper into supernatural anymore, but will i still write because i love each and every one of you? YES. 
          also, i came back to find that kingdom is #3 in the destiel category??????? WHATTTTT!!! thats freaking crazy guy oh my goodness i love yall!!! 
          a couple of my other stories got ranked to but knowing that yall love kingdom so much that it is ranked so high is so amazing to me!! 
          Lil update about me:
          i started college which is coolio i guess. im super busy with all my work but im gonna try my best to keep writing. 
          your lil writer has found love and is super happy (i guess this is a good update for those that read my sad heartbroken poems lol)
          but yeah, im back!! 
          BIgger Update::
          i think that i will try to write an original story with original characters and im so pumped!!! im letting yall know so yall wont be confused when this happens or so some of yall wont get mad at me. i love yall all so much thank you!!!