I am an Asian twenty-something year old writing on her own time. I don't have a particular genre that is my favorite, but I like to write horror, fantasy/SF, surreal fiction.

It's been a long time since I joined wattpad, and since I updated my stories. I have grown a lot and have changed greatly these past few years. My ideas and ideals have not remained the same, either.

Any story that has been posted before 2015 will no longer be updated, but I'll keep them around just for old time's sake. Don't worry, the characters will join me in my current works*! Thanks for stopping by.

*I will be rewriting The Envoy and IS!!


one of these mornings -
won't be that long
you will look for me
and i'll be gone ----


on reviewing a story: private message. I will not review if you post on the comments section of my profile.


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The Envoy

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Description: The Grim Reaper grants human souls passage through the Underworld and into the afterlife. But he's a busy man, and humans are the least of his worries - Shaym De’Atta is a nineteen year-old mail boy that has...


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